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  Fiberglass Mesh
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  Shade Net
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  Fiberglass Window Screen
  Stainless Steel Window Screen
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fiberglass window screen

Window Screening, also written as Wire Netting, is mainly used in hotels, public buildings, civil 

residences against bugs, insects, etc. 

Wire Materials: Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, 

A-lmg alloy wire, galvanized iron wire, 

PVC wire, aluminum wire, chemical fiber.

Benefits:Light weight, good flexibility and easy cleaning.

General specifications: 14mesh x 14 mesh, 

16mesh x 14mesh, 16mesh x 16mesh, 

18mesh x 16mesh, 18mesh x 18mesh, 

18mesh x 14mesh 

General wire diameter: BWG31 or BWG 32.

Assortments:Galvanized Iron Window Screening, Enamelled Iron Window Screening, Aluminum

Window Screening, PVC Coated Window Screening, Fiberglass Window Screening, Others.

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