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Electric fence post

Electric fence post



2)Keep cows in and wildlife out.

3)Uniquely designed lugs for positive holding and qucking release of polywire or polytape.

4)Range of polytape/polywire spacings allow control of most animals

5)Simply tread into the ground

6)Discrete green to blend into the environment

7) Made from a plastic polymer compound.


1. Maintenance Free:                       

a) Will not rot

b) Will not rust

c) Will not crack due to cold

2. Self-Insulating:

a) Can not cause a short

b) Eliminate insulators forever

3. Durable:

a) Flex upon impact                          

b) Over 2 times the strength of equivalent steel   

c) Pointed tips drive easily

4. Easy to Install:                                     

a) Lightweight- 1/4 the weight of steel

5. Cost Effective:

a) SAVE: eliminates replacing damaged insulators

b) SAVE: eliminates tracking down shorts at the post

c) SAVE: eliminates realigning tilted or replacing rotted or rusted posts

d) SAVE: faster, easier installations Fence post, electrical fence post,frp post



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